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StageTrip360° ~ Beyond 3D

~ A Multi-Dimensional Concert Experience ~

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ST360 - Beyond 3D - Trippin' on the Funk - Highlight Reel

ST360 - Beyond 3D - Trippin' on the Funk - Full Set - Feat. Funk Norris

StageTrip360 - Funk Norris Band Discussion - Behind the Scenes


StageTrip360° - Beyond 3D - A Multi-Dimensional Concert Experience - emerged from an unexpected need to keep the music going.  In reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shutdown of the music industry, we began development of our own unique concert arena. The content above is the result of several months of collaboration, while in isolation, between our remote production engineers, our friends at TriTonix Recording, and one of our favorite regional bands, Funk Norris.

ST360 is a fully functional remote production suite that goes beyond 3D, enabling a multi-piece band to perform in real-time over the internet.  This technology allows performers to stream in synchronization from multiple locations, playing as a band while being simultaneously beamed to Stage Trip Studios, immersed in a virtual concert hall, and streamed live for the world to see.

Check out the highlights from our debut live performance with Funk Norris, and an in depth discussion with the band and Stage Trip's virtual production team above.

As we like to say, it's...

"An Optical Soundsation"

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